A couple concerts and a whole lot more

Peace and Love,

To say I have been a bit distracted lately would be an understatement. The most accurate way I can describe my current state of mind is intergalacticnotonnowhackshithavingitdonelikeclassisbackin, did you get that? We are having a baby, yes indeed my wife of 9 years is preggo and she is due in November. We have known for a while and our doc’s visits are going great, but I did not have the green light to tell the world until she announced it at her job. Workplace politics are such a effed up thing, but we all know how that is.

I’d have to say the main thing this bit of news has done for my daily life is make me far more proactive (no I have not become anti zit creme, although in about 13 years I’m sure we’ll be buying lots of it). I basically don’t leave anything that I can accomplish today until tomorrow anymore. The news of an impending new life arriving at my doorstep has lit a figurative, omnipresent fire under this man’s arse. That being said, even with both feet on the path it is possible to fall off from time to time and allow oneself to get distracted. Rather than beating myself up I just get back on the path as quickly as possible.

  • I am back in USMC shape Oorah!! 3mi<21 minutes, 20 pullups, 80 situps<2 minutes
  • I am cooking (sorry, no pics lately because I need white plates to make the dishes pop)
  • I am working with a friend of mine to remodel a house in White Plains
  • I am reading The Pregnancy Bible and other random daddy books and blogs
  • I am praying and meditating on a daily basis (perhaps the most profound change)
  • I am writing (soon will be daily again), promoting Thatsgoodness, and performing

Two incredible upcoming shows I am a part of and would love to see you at:
Thursday 6/21 http://blockparty2012.tumblr.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/events/474747792552059/
Saturday 6/30 http://funkadelichiphop.tumblr.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/events/166933553437808/

Thank you for reading, please realize your potential for good and manifest it ASAP
And I hope to see you out at one of these parties in the very near future

One Love


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